Honey & Milk

dir. Dash Donato

written, produced & starring Damian Joseph Quinn / Jen JP Parkhill 

Honey & Milk follows a couple's last weekend together in relationship. With packed boxes strewn around their cabin on a flower farm, Alice and Grayson try to find the right ways to say goodbye as they sever their codependent relationship and Grayson embarks on a journey of gender expansion.


In co-writing Honey & Milk, I found the piece was writing me as I wrote the piece. Grayson's journey towards gender Queerness lead me down my own path towards a trans & gender fluent identity. In honor of our community, we hired a majority queer, trans, non-binary and lesbian crew, shooting our short film on a woman-owned flower farm in Austin, Texas. We are so, so excited to share our heart art with the world <3 


 Best North American Short Film // Female Eye, Toronto CA '23

Re: Focus Fund // Inside Out, Toronto CA Film Grant Recipient '22


Kashish, Female Eye, Kaleidoscope, Sidewalk, East Village Queer, Film Out, Honolulu Rainbow, Out on Film, Reeling, Cinema Diverse, San Antonio





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