Damian Joseph Quinn


Damian is a decorated actor, writer, producer & yogi, dedicated to creating utopia both on and offscreen. 

Raised in New Jersey, Damian studied at NYU Tisch, graduating as Most Outstanding Actor & Scholar of their class in '17. Since, Damian lived in Los Angeles, creating at the Groundlings and filming a wide variety of projects, from prosthetic creature roles to voice over dubbing to live Shakespeare to filming historic icons in Oscar nominated projects. Damian then practiced ritual theater in Hawaii, taught yoga in Hong Kong, built orphanages in Honduras, swam with elephants in Chiang Mai, won for Best Film in Toronto, resourced with Queer refuges in Kenya, devised ritual theater in Amsterdam, & performed classical theater in Florence. Currently, they produce projects & teach yoga in Austin, TX. 

Damian's dream is internationally renowned + impactful filmmaking. Bullied as a Queer kid in a conservative farmtown, she strives to represent Queer excellence. Damian is celebrated for his chameleonic and magnetic presence onscreen and onstage.  Their intention is to pioneer better representation for Queer folks, skewering performative masculinity and redefining what it means to be strong. As a spiritual practitioner, she aims to develop an unmistakably embodied presence, articulating the subtleties of the personal and expanding the specific into the universal. 


Live simply so others can simply live.