Road Head Premieres

Road Head's teaser trailer is finally out!! See you at CineQuest in March!

Mykah's Fresh Faces

Written and performed by me -- here I play Mykah, a plastic surgery Weho charmer who encounters a handsome fella at the Mondrian. Performed in the Groundlings Writing Lab, Sept of '19

Poopie Bear

Written and performed with Michael Klesic, Frank and Harry have a dispute over some noodles and GI Joe's. Performed on the Groundlings Main Stage for Writing Lab. Sept '19.

It's Still Your Bed

Directed by Tyler Reeves, shot by Laura Jansen. A story about the suffering of the closet, and the light at the end.


Written alongside Michael Nguyen, and performed with Lucy Blehar, Andy Perez and Michael Nguyen. Groundlings Main Stage Writing Lab, Sept '19.

The Shy Nudist

Written by: Dani Okon​ Directed by: Josh Davy Awards: Best Actor, Best Director @ Tisch 48 Film Festival, '16